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Committed to Excellence

At King Fish, hard work is the cornerstone of our success, and we strive to create strong partnerships with those who share a common goal. Our solid reputation for persistence combined with vision-driven projects ensure lasting relationships built on trust.
We take pride in developing a strong family of ambitious and talented individuals who support each other wholeheartedly. Our ultimate aim is to create an environment that allows our team members to be the best they can be while working together as one unit. We stand firm behind our 'King Fish Way' which mandates excellence on every level - such commitment provides motivation for all involved!

We treat your investment like our own.

Who We Serve



Our team has unparalleled insight into the needs of home builders today. With over a century's collective experience, we'll help you make informed decisions that keep your communities on trend and prepared for success! Trust us to use our powerful market models to identify the perfect location, lot size, and more - so you don't have any doubts about what lies ahead.



Unlock the untapped potential of your business to reach new heights with our proactive solutions! We can help you maximize efficiency and offer personalized advice to support all aspects of your real estate endeavors. With us as your fee-based manager, you gain access to support for everything - acquisition and site feasibility through land development and property sales – saving time while maximizing results.


Land Owners

At King Fish, we don't just see a real estate transaction—we view every property as an investment in ones future. Our team of experts can guide you through your different options from selling your property, helping you acquire property, options for developing your land or using a joint venture partnership to maximize the use and return on your investment. Let us be an invaluable resource to help guide your way!